Monday, September 14, 2009

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After finishing his three-year course, he set up his own business at the age of 22 – at the same time establishing Shed 2 Studios with a group of fellow graduates. His achievement is all the more remarkable for the fact that Mr Radford has dyslexia and from the age of 13 was taught at home.

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A protest against proposed changes to home schooling across Britain will take at Stratford Park, Stroud on Wednesday, September 16.

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With the high street full of Back to School advertising, home educating families in Norfolk are joining together for “Not Back to School” picnics in Norwich and King's Lynn.

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West End: Parents who have chosen to take their children out of mainstream education are set to hold a “not back to school picnic” in Paddington Street Gardens. They are using International Freedom in Education Day to celebrate publicly the many, diverse ways we choose to educate our children.

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