Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not back to school picnics on the news

Picnics celebrate home education: a nationwide event has been staged by the supporters of home education to highlight its benefits. Around 40 picnics were held in locations across England, including Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Read it here.

BRISTOL families who educate their children at home met for a picnic yesterday as part of a nationwide campaign to challenge people's views of home schooling. More here.

OXFORD home schooled children and their parents came to the centre to protest against a Government review they said threatens to burst their bubble. Read it here.

On BBC Radio Oxford there's an interview with a local home edder and her teenage daughter - listen here (29mns on).

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Hundreds of children are educated 'otherwise than at school' be it in a structured school at home setting, or a more 'free-range' autonomous approach. Here.

SHEFFIELD parents who refuse to send their children to school staged a picnic in the Peace Gardens in defence of their right to educate their youngsters at home. More here.

BIRMINGHAM School stayaways enjoyed a picnic yesterday as part of a national celebration of home education. Handsworth mum tells us why she is keeping her son out of the classroom here.

NORFOLK parents who home educate their children said they feared the freedom it brings them and their youngsters could be under threat from the government. Read it here.

SOUTH DEVON: Parents and children from Torbay and Totnes celebrated the fact they were not back at school as they highlighted their right to home educate their children yesterday. Read it here.

CUMBRIAN mother describes government proposals to tighten up home schooling regulations as “sickening.” Check it out here.


And many more here.


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