Thursday, September 10, 2009

Olena Pchilka & Home Education

Olena Pchilka is the pen name of Olha Petrivna Dragomanova-Kosach, a noted Ukrainian author and the mother of Lesia Ukrainka.

This noticeable figure in the history of Ukrainian culture, a poet and prose writer, a researcher and a translator versed in Ukrainian folklore and ethnography, received her basic education from her father.

Pchilka learned from her parents’ experience and paid utmost attention to the upbringing of her children. The Kosach family was dissatisfied with the existing system of education, primarily its bias toward Russification, so they educated their children themselves.

Olha Kosach/Pchilka assumed full responsibility for her children’s elementary education and demonstrated a singular pedagogical talent, … responsibility, and competence. Lesia Ukrainka thus received an encyclopedic education, as did her brothers and sisters, without ever attending school.

In her Autobiography Pchilka wrote: “It seemed to me at the time that school would immediately ruin all my effort aimed at teaching my children using the Ukrainian language. That would be a road leading nowhere; later I saw that children properly raised and taught to speak Ukrainian could not be spoiled by this school.”

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