Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The news for today

SOUTH Devon's 'home educators' will be joining more than 30 other picnic protests across the country as they blow bubbles and talk to anyone who wants to know more about home education. There are around 100 families in the Teignmouth, Totnes and Torbay areas who educate their youngsters outside the mainstream schooling system.

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London: Parents today attacked government plans to impose new controls on home schooling. Families were handing out leaflets and taking part in street theatre to "spread the message" about learning outside the education system. The event coincides with International Freedom in Education Day, which promotes learning at home.

Protest organiser Elizabeth Lil, who teaches her children Beth, nine, and Edward, five, at home, said: "They want to legislate because they think they're going to get rid of a problem. They'll spend a lot of time and money looking at families that don't have problems. Far more children are failed by the state system than home schooling."

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