Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Ed Latest News

Home educators' worry at register
It is not known how many children in England are home educated
People who educate their children at home rather than sending them to school say they against having to register annually with local authorities.

Worthing home school families join campaign against new rules
PARENTS and their children from Worthing joined a campaign against government proposals to change the rules around home education.

Don't intrude, say parents who educate children at home

Home educators tell MPs they do not want home visits from local authorities, as recommended by a government review.

Home education vs. the bully-boy state
The presumption of guilt is eating it`s way into our lives: Home Education is the latest victim. As a parent you are a suspect in the crusade against child abuse. That is the message to Home Education from this government.Through a staged Review and now onto a Select Committee, the drive has been to find ways to justify an assault on Home Ed., taking away parental rights, enforcing child interviews alone and invading the family in a way that singles out Home Ed. as a "prime suspect".

The propaganda: Government To Provide More Support For Familes With Children Being Educated At Home

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