Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home ed news round

PARENTS who educate their children at home say the government is trying to introduce draconian new laws to interfere in family life. More here...

PARENTS protesting against government proposals to impose strict rules which will regulate home education are preparing to hand in petitions to parliament opposing the plans. Read it here.

Mr. Graham Stuart: To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families how many staff are engaged (a) full-time and (b) part-time on handling responses to his Department's consultation on Home education-registration and monitoring proposals. From here.

Brushing off labels such as "hippie" and "religious nut", and debunking the socialisation myth, Nicola Pye followed natural progression and took a stand for freedom to home-school her children. Read it here.

A mother and father in Germany were fined $181 for homeschooling their children by a judge who spared them the jail sentences demanded by the prosecutor. More here. Also here.

Is homeschooling compatible with socialism and vice-versa? Apparently not, for homeschooling means parental control of education, and that is anathema to socialists. More here...

The British government announced last week their acceptance of the Badman Review of home education and introduced the new Children, Schools and Families Bill that will require home educated children to be registered with the local authorities. Read it here. Also here.

Home schooling doesn't have to negatively affect socialization - here.

Meantime, in the schooling world...
Criminal checks for all sixth formers
Tory plans for 'no notice' school detentions

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