Sunday, November 01, 2009

Home ed women's blogging

Taken from here:

Women bloggers inform as well as entertain. Grit, who home-educates her triplets in Britain and writes the excellent, spirited, funny and indescribable gritsday, is a case in point. “I started the blog because I was leading a bizarre life, the sort where fact and fiction blend into each other,” she says. “I was mothering triplets at home in a bomb site when my husband flew in from the West Bank. He changed his trousers and passport, then flew off to Jordan. Six weeks later he’d be in China and I’d be at home making trucks out of cardboard. Through writing I’ve come to terms with situations, and I can honestly say I like where we are now and I feel comfortable. And I’ve learnt that, for us, bizarre is normal.” Grit also blogs specifically to enlighten people about the joys of home-educating their children: “Home education can offer a truly real-life education. And I hope that from the blog you can see that a home-educating lifestyle can be a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work.”

Blogging also presents very 21st-century opportunities for new friendships, both real and online. Even a few years ago the idea of meeting up in real life with people you’d “met” online was eccentric and desperate at best and sinister at worst, but it is now perfectly reasonable, not to say commonplace.

Grit agrees: “That sharing of ideas, resources, support, practical help is an essential part of blogging. There’s a wider community too; we were in Hong Kong this year and I’d corresponded with a blogger based there. She invited us over to say hello. She was totally beautiful, poised, elegant — everything I’m not. I would never have met her in real life. Yet here we were, taking tea together halfway across the world. I felt there was a lot of shared value and understanding we’d gained through the blogs.”

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