Friday, December 11, 2009

Home Ed at Portishead's Victorian Evening

Parents interested in offering their children home schooling will have a chance to talk to people who are already doing so, at Portishead's Victorian Evening. The North Somerset Home Education Group, set up in 2001, is taking a stand at the fair to allow people to find out more about the group.

It is made up of families from across North Somerset who have chosen to teach their children at home. The group meets regularly for social activities and to take part in physical activities with the children like gymnastics and ice skating. They also organise educational workshops.

Group member Sarah Souter said: "Some parents decide to home educate because they believe it's the best way for the child to learn and grow. Other parents turn to home education when school placements haven't worked out for various reasons such as bullying or unmet special educational needs."

Home education can mean different things to different people, with some following a timetable and curriculum while others have a less structured approach. To find out more call Vicky on 01275 848425 or say hello at the stand in Portishead High Street on December 11.

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