Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home educators in record petition of MPs

They call on England's ministers not to go ahead with plans for a register or with proposals for council officials to be given new powers to enter homes. Ministers say the reforms will check children are "safe and learning". Read it here.

In South Devon, home educators unite to fight new legislation and protect their civil liberties. Leaf Lovejoy, who is educating two of her three children at home, said:

"This new legislation flies in the face of what home education is. It's completely absurd and would extend centralised control over parents and children. It would be an attack on our civil liberties. What this legislation proposes to do is to reverse what's existing now. At present the state reports to parents. That's what Ofsted reports are about. Under the new legislation, parents would be reported to the state. This is a massive invasion of privacy. This is a clever ruse by the Government to control parents, licence them. But this report is flawed and based on flawed statistics. It's families who provide for their children's education, whether it's in the home or at school. As home educators we have nothing to hide, but everything to fear from this report and from maverick local authorities."

Also on the news:
Now parents face criminal checks just to enter their children's school. More here.

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