Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interventionalist and far too invasive

Dozens of Croydon mums and dads who teach their children from home have signed a petition to stop the Government interfering with how they educate their kids. This borough's petition is one of more than 150 compiled nationwide to stop home educators needing a licence.

Ann Newstead, a spokeswoman for Education Otherwise, said:

"Families take their children out of school to avoid the stress of exams, and to tailor education to suit that particular child's needs. GCSEs and SATs are not legally binding, and some parents feel they are a hindrance to their child's development. What is really concerning about the Badman report is that it is forcing parents to have a licence to teach their own children. If you fail to comply with any inspection then your right to teach is revoked."

Croydon Central MP Andrew Pelling said:

"The Badman report is interventionalist and far too invasive. If we abide by it we will end up with a situation where parents can't educate their children without a licence. Parents cannot be put under the same regulatory regime as schools. It is a different type of education and should be recognised as such."

Read it here.

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