Thursday, December 03, 2009

News round

Local MPs Tom Brake and Paul Burstow yesterday received a petition from concerned Home School educators in the London Borough of Sutton who are worried about the recommendations of the Badman Report. Read it here.

Petition - Badman Report (Birmingham, Yardley)- Badman Report (Birmingham, Yardley) 10.4 pm John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley) (LD): I was impressed on Saturday by this petition, which came from people who share my concerns about the state wrongly intervening in family life. More here.

The government response to the online petition to reject the Badman Report is now available here. It states that "the recommendations set out by Badman are proportionate and reasonable."

Meantime, the home-ed families e-petition just got into the top 75 out of about 4,700 e-petitions. If you haven't signed it yet and would like to do so then you can do it here.

A Study Shows Home-Educated Become Model Citizens - find out more here. The study Fifteen Years Later: Home-Educated Canadian Adults is available in full form and as a synopsis here.

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