Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Protect children but don't abandon civil liberties

Home educators were incensed that inspectors would be coming into their homes to check on the welfare of their children. In general, I am on the side of those who oppose more state control over our lives. I do not think social services have a role in home education - though I do think it reasonable for the quality of education children receive at home to be monitored. Read more.

School dissatisfaction leading to rise in home education... the "legal option" for parents to opt for home education is often not promoted very strongly. Read it here.

On Milwaulee, local families choose homeschooling: The object of admiration, suspicion or even derision, home-schoolers -- like all families -- are not easily categorized. There are nearly 20,000 home schooled kids in the state and each family has its own unique set of circumstances as to why they opt out of the system. Continues here.

Finally, Michigan seems to be going for the Badman approach, with Detroit News turning homeschooling moms and dads into the Bogeyman.

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