Saturday, January 30, 2010

This week on the news

So, what's on the news this week?

In London, a 9 y.o. boy hanged himself after being told off at school. He wasn't the only one: in a Texas school another 9-year-old boy was found hanged. In Mumbai, a 12-year-old, ashamed of failure, hanged himself too.

In Scotland: 500 kids kicked out of school each year over drink and drugs; fears over rise in violence at schools involving weapons; PE teacher cleared of kiss and in Castletown parents want to sack the head teacher after girls one to five had their underwear checked.

In North wales a primary school teacher was suspended for ridiculing pupils; in Wiltshire, a maths teacher groomed pupil before having sex with her in school cupboard and in a top public school in London a school teacher 'fondled pupils'.

In Cheshire, the PE teacher who punched special needs pupil escapes ban but Pembrokeshire sex assault head teacher lost his appeal. A teacher in Hull has been jailed after a traumatised teenage girl he sexually abused called ChildLine for help. In Nailsea, a 12 y.o. boy is given hardcore porn at school.

In Sudbury pupils are to be given talk on knives and in Gloucestershire a school bus driver over alcohol limit crashed vehicle. I also found out that in England smacking is allowed in certain schools. Despite all this, the crackdown on school truants continues because school is were children should be!

In Germany, an elite school reports sexual abuse cases but everything is OK now that rector has apologised. In Vietnam, a wartime shell explodes at schoolyard and in Haiti 50 bodies are found in a school.

In South Africa, a pupil kills herself after a grade bungle, a pupil has died after being stabbed in the grounds of his school, and a 12 y.o. pupil is shot dead at school. In yet other school of 1 200 pupils, 100 per class, one toilet! I think I'll stop now...

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