Monday, February 01, 2010

Are home-educated children better off?

Parents who choose to educate their children at home are concerned about Government plans to force inspections on them. Cambridge News speaks to one local family who have shunned the school system. Read it here.

Today, 19:30 on BBC One (Cambridgeshire, East only): Dave Hough educates his son at home because he thinks schools are too regimented, offer a poor standard of education and tolerate bullying. The government is planning to introduce much stricter regulations on home schooling with inspections by Ofsted. Dave Hough and many other home educators claim this goes against their right to educate their children in the way they see fit. David Whiteley asks who really is best-placed to ensure the child's right to a good education, the state or the parent? As seen here.

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Tutoring Services said...

It is definitely a question of concern that who between the parent and the state, knows what a child is best apt for home education or the conventional formal schools. The debate will increase as the law is hell bent on putting strict laws on home schooling.