Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Our children have been nationalised

Gerald Warner reckons that the German homeschoolers' political asylum in America exposes the EU Gulag:

Why did the German homeschoolers not seek political asylum in Britain? Because our rulers subscribe to the same tyrannical statist philosophy, is the answer. Every possible obstacle is put in the way of homeschooling parents in Britain.

The mentality is that the state – not parents – is the natural controller and shaper of children’s lives and beliefs. When a schoolgirl can be given an abortion without her parents’ knowledge, we know that, while public utilities may have been privatised, children have been nationalised.

ALSO on the news: One of the growing number of children who are being taught at home, for Archie there will be no dreaded Sats exams and when the time is right he will likely bypass GCSEs and move straight to A-levels. Read it here.

AND, on EO's campaigning site, a new page -Where are we up to with the Bill? - which can be read here.

Finally, we also have the Memorandum submitted by AHEd: Children Schools and Families Bill.

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